The history of The Farmers Bank of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois begins in 1872 when Leonard K. Scroggin, with the assistance of Walter Sawyer, formed a private bank, known as the Scroggin & Sawyer Bank.  Mr. Scroggin was a local land owner and had a successful farming business which had grown to such an extent that he decided to open a private bank.  The bank was originally located in a building that faced west on South Washington Street, about a half a block south of the square.  This building no longer stands. 

On February 7th, 1876, Mr. Scroggin bought the lot where the present bank is located to build a new building to house the bank.  This building was very substantial for the time and consisted of the bank and a store with offices, a large opera house, and a dance hall located above.  The building also included a three-story hotel and rooming house, which had 20 rooms in addition to a parlor and a dining room.  Upon completion of the new building, the new bank was called Scroggin & Son, and a few years after that, was known as The Farmers Bank of Scroggin & Son. 

On July 1, 1914, The Farmers Bank of Scroggin & Son went public and was incorporated as a State Bank under the name of The Farmers Bank of Mt. Pulaski, Illinois, as it is still called today.  One thousand shares of stock were sold at $100.00 per share.  The majority of the original 109 stockholders were from Mt. Pulaski and its surrounding communities.  Many of the stockholders today are descendants of the original stockholders.

In 1996, The Farmers Bank of Mt. Pulaski opened its drive up facility on the corner of Washington and Cooke streets.  The drive up facility housed the new ATM and ATM cards were issued.  In 2004, the bank introduced image statements.  And finally in 2006, the bank’s website and on line banking services were launched.

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